MA Early College

2022 Early College Data PLC


Join us every other Tuesday morning beginning on February 15, 2022 for five weeks as we share a Professional Learning Series around Early College Data.

We  encourage representatives from each ECP to attend, especially those responsible for reporting data.

Each of the following sessions will begin at the conclusion of a scheduled 9:00 a.m. check-in meeting and will last one hour. If you are already registered for the check-in meetings, you do not need to register again.

*Although the Zoom meeting description says you are registering for a check-in meeting, you are also registered for the data series. Therefore, if you’re already registered for check-in meetings, you are also registered for the Early College Data Series. 

February 15

Identifying Elements of Early College Data

This session will reference common indicators and outcomes related to EC, share a close-up look at the data dashboards, and provide a general orientation of where the data points come from.  We also hope to discuss culture shift around HEIRS data and how it will be used.This session will be followed by more technical data trainings for both  DESE  (K-12 data administrators) and DHE (IR/Data administrators) on how to report EC data.

March 1

Using Data for Program Improvement and Tracking Cohorts

Programs should have a strong understanding of program retention rates and total number of credits earned, so should be using a combination of institutional/program data alongside the data dashboards, annual reports, etc. to set and assess program goals.  Because these programs are cohorted, programs should be aware of particular cohort’s progress. MA is just starting to look longitudinally and will present some initial findings.

March 15

How Massachusetts Uses Early College Data

The Commonwealth is the steward of the state appropriation for Early College so there is a responsibility around ensuring that students are generally well-served by initiative.  There is also high level of interest in whether Early College is a strong investment for state in terms of closing equity gaps or accelerating learning for underrepresented students. For Designation purposes, MA responsible for ensuring the Designation criteria are being met and program is developing to scale.  We also have an obligation and desire to serve as a partner in the work and provide support. 

March 29

Tackling the Issue of EC Data Collection,
Working with Your Data Owners,
and Governance

What internal processes need to be in place to get data accurately reported in numerous places?  How are these processes shared out? This meeting will be followed by individual program focus groups for programs who had data discrepancies.

April 12

How Data Reporting Will Impact Funding Practices

The plan to fund IHE credits through statewide data systems will be discussed. This session will be followed up with additional technical sessions, geared toward specific stakeholder groups.