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Enhancing the Impact of the Build Back Better Act: Integrating College in High School Programs

The College in High School Alliance shared a set of recommendations that were released by a group of national advocates September 14, 2021 on ways in which college in high school programs like dual enrollment and early college can be integrated into President Biden’s American Families Plan and the funding package Democrats are currently considering in the House and Senate to implement it.

The primary recommendations by the groups – including the Alliance for Excellent Education, Education Reform Now, Empower Schools, JFF, KnowledgeWorks, NACEP, and Unidos US – are to:

  1. Include dual enrollment programs in plans to offer two years of free community college..
  2. Increase college retention and completion rates.
  3. Help current teachers earn in-demand credentials.

The House and Senate are currently in the middle of assembling their funding packages, and will be using a congressional procedure known as “reconciliation” to pass a number of President Biden’s priorities using only Democratic votes.

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