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Francois Exilhomme

National Diversity Fairs

Francois Exilhomme is a transformational leader dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in education. His major areas of focus include higher education, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. As the founder of National Diversity Fairs, he has spent over two decades in higher education, leveraging his expertise to bridge the gap between educational institutions and underrepresented communities.

A proud alumnus of the University of Massachusetts Amherst with Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems and Boston University with a Master of Science in Project Management, Francois combines his academic background with a successful entrepreneurial career. As a serial entrepreneur who has started over four businesses, he has demonstrated a commitment to addressing societal issues while driving positive change.

At National Diversity Fairs, Francois is the driving force behind a movement to foster inclusivity across U.S. educational communities. His leadership has transformed the platform into a catalyst for change, facilitating meaningful connections between institutions and underrepresented communities. As a first-generation American, Francois’s personal journey informs his tireless advocacy for diversity, making him a true champion for those striving to overcome barriers.