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The College Affordability Act (H.R. 4674) aims to make substantial and permanent investments in higher education so that students can spend less to earn a quality degree. The goal is to expand opportunity for students from all backgrounds by providing flexible college options and stronger support to meet students’ individual needs as well as improve the quality of higher education by holding schools accountable for students’ success.

The CAA tackles the rising cost of tuition and increases federal student aid so that every student can afford to attend college and earn a quality degree. This proposal:
  • Creates a federal-state partnership that drives states to reinvest in their public colleges and universities, which will cut the cost of tuition for students and families.
  • Under the partnership, federal funding will go to states that make community college tuition-free for all students and commit to sustained investment in their public colleges and universities.
  • Increases the value of Pell Grants to cover a larger share of tuition and put more money in student’s pockets to pay for food, housing and other basic essentials.
  • Expands access to dual enrollment and early college high school programs that give students the ability to earn tuition-free college credits while still in high school.