MA Early College

Charlestown High School

in partnership with Bunker Hill Community College


Early College at CHS... changing the high school experience!

Charlestown High School offers three distinct Early College and Career Pathways for students, C-Town Business, C-Town Technology, and C-Town Health. Beginning in the 9th grade, C-Town Pathways expands upon partnerships with Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) to provide a unique opportunity for students to explore topics and careers in the three designated pathways. In the 10th grade, students enroll as dual-enrollment students at BHCC, and begin earning college credits that can be used towards an industry recognized degree at BHCC or transferable to many other institutions. Over the course of the program, students can earn up to 30 college credits. 

In the video to the right, Aaron Altman, Charlestown Pathways Director, shares several of the many ways students (and their families) are supported in the C-Town Pathways Program.

In the video to the left, Dr. Pam Eddinger, President of Bunker Hill Community College, shares how C-Town Tech started as a partnership between Jobs for the Future (JFF), Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing (SAP), Bunker Hill Community College  and Charlestown High School. Along with Principal Will Thomas, Dr. Eddinger goes on to tell about the opportunities presented to students through the program. Also in the video, Mr. Thomas and C-Town Tech students convey what the program means to them. 

C-Town Tech started in the fall of 2015. C-Town Business was added in the fall of 2016 and C-Town Health will be offered beginning in the fall of this year.

With an open enrollment and over 100 students projected to enroll in credit-bearing courses for the 2020-21 school year, Charlestown High School’s Early College program equips students with the academic and social-emotional tools to be successful in their next endeavor, whether that is college, or directly into the workforce. A successful student understands the role college plays in their goals and how it fits into their future plans. They have the confidence to navigate any environment and the skills to overcome any barriers.  C-Town Pathways students have earned over 750 college credits to date! 

With a dedicated work-based learning coordinator, students experience a variety of career-development opportunities. Professionals from the community facilitate resume-building workshops and host practice interviews for students as well as extended job shadows. 

Throughout a student’s Early College pathway experience, they have the opportunity to apply for various paid jobs and internships with many companies and organizations. In the past, students have been employed at organizations such as Liberty Mutual, John Hancock, SAP, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Tufts Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Bar Association, Oxford Properties, South End Technology Center, ABCD, BCYF, and more!


Charlestown High School, also called C-Town, offers a carefully orchestrated program design in three pathways as detailed below.

Content for this Spotlight page was provided by Aaron Altman, C-Town Pathways Director, and the Charlestown High School website.