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Massachusetts Early College Designation Resources

The resources on this page are designed to support Early College Designation Applicants.

Explore Key Pieces of the Early College Program Designation Application Companion below. 

Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to read the full Designation Criteria document and Early College Program Designation Application Companion, both of which are linked to the right of this text box and at the bottom of the page.

Introduction and Concept of Early College – This section provides a rationale for the companion document, a current working definition of Massachusetts Early College, and an overview of the concept behind the development of early college programs

The Context of the Early College Initiative in Massachusetts – This portion of the companion document provides an overview of the Massachusetts Early College Initiative.

Early College Designation Process and Applicant Criteria – This section of the companion document provides an overview of the designation process and criteria applicants must meet.

Five Guiding Principles – Both the Designation Criteria document and the Early College Program Designation Application Companion (linked to the right) provide information about the designation criteria for the Massachusetts approved guiding principles of Equitable Access, Guided Academic Pathways, Enhanced Student Support, Connection to Career, and Effective Partnerships.

Timeline of Designation Process – Timeline for Early College Program Designation for program implementation and enrollment in the fall of 2023.

Resources for FY2023 Designation Cycle

The Fund Code 461: Early College Planning Competitive grant is posted. Part A applicants may apply for Option A (see slides for more information). Please submit Parts I, II, and III to Rebekah Barr at by Tuesday October 4, 2022.

Designation PowerPoint from Orientation (April 14 and May 4, 2022)

The “Nuts and Bolts” of the Early College Part A Application for Designation Presentation (June 17, 2022)

Readiness Checklist

Part A Application (.docx format)

FY2023: Early College Planning Grant (Fund Code 461)

Professional Learning Sessions:

Early College Designation Criteria Massachusetts designation criteria for each of the five guiding principles.

Early College Program Designation Application Companion (2022) – This companion document is designed to provide important information on the Designation process and requirements, as well as context for the criteria to be met under each of the five Guiding Principles.

Breaking Down Silos to Put Students on the Path to Success: The Promise of Early College in Massachusetts – 2016 Parthenon Study

The Rennie Center Early College Blueprint – A Guide to Getting Started with Early College in Massachusetts.

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education  Early College Webpage

Department of Higher Education Early College Webpage

Additional Resources from SY2021 Designation Cycle

Early College Designation applicants may find the materials below helpful as the Part A application did not have significant modifications from the SY2021 Designation Cycle.

Guiding Principles PLC Sessions for Part A Applicants:

Guiding Principles PLC Sessions for Part B Applicants: