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Part B Application

Part B Application (PDF)
Part B Application (Survey)

Part A Application

Part A Application
WRVTHS Student Demographics
Letter of Intent
K12 Student Supports Contact Information
Scope and Sequence

Joint Memo for MA EC Director

Supplemental Questions to Part A

Supplemental Questions Asked:
  1. How does Whittier ensure equity in identifying students and maintaining participation by underrepresented populations? Describe in more detail your recruitment of students into the EC program and how students have access to the program.

  2. In addition to tuition, what other costs or funding concerns have you identified at this point, and do you have any strategies developed to address them?

  3. Describe the process for the concurrent model and the college experience. Discuss how students experience the program and the supports provided them throughout the model. Please outline the logistics of the model and how students will be able to fulfill both Voc requirements and EC requirements within their typical school day.

  4. Identify more connections between the pathway and careers besides the Advanced Manufacturing and Health certifications. A quick question on your certifications that are offered… are those through testing or coursework?

Answers to Supplemental Questions

Supplemental Questions